Ejectify for Mac

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Ejectify automatically unmounts external volumes when your Mac starts sleeping and mounts them again after it wakes up. It becomes handy when you have connected a USB drive to an external display that gets powered off when your Mac starts sleeping, causing the drive to be ejected forcefully.


⭐ Prevents annoying Disk not ejected properly notifications when your Mac wakes up.

⭐ Prevents connected external disks and their volumes from getting corrupted.

⭐ Configure what volumes should be (un)mounted automatically, optionally forcefully.

⭐ Available in English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Hindi, Arabic & Turkish.

⭐ Configure when volumes should be unmounted:

  • When the screensaver starts.
  • When the screen is locked.
  • When the screens started sleeping.
  • When the system starts sleeping.

⭐ Automatically mount volumes again when your Mac or screens wake up, optionally after a delay.

⭐ Unmount all volumes instantly with the click of a button.


This application comes without support or warranty. Refunds aren't possible. If you want to test Ejectify or don't feel like paying for it (to cover the fee for Apple's Developer Program), clone Ejectify's source code and build a (free) version yourself.

Frequently asked questions

How can I download an update or download Ejectify again?

You can access earlier made purchases via Gumroad. Refer to this article for more information. Hence, there is no need to purchase Ejectify again.

The app doesn't start. What can I do?

Make sure Ejectify runs from your Applications folder. It will only start from there. Also, note that the app lives in your system's status bar. There's no other user interface that pops up when you start it.

Why do I still receive notifications?

Ejectify works by (trying to) unmount volumes (on external disks) before your screensaver starts, screen locks, display(s) turns off, or the system starts sleeping. Sometimes this doesn't result in the desired behavior. In this case, try the following:

  • Ensure the correct volumes are checked in Ejectify's status bar menu. Ejectify will only attempt to unmount those.
  • Toggle between the various Unmount when options. Depending on your (hardware) configuration, some options work better than others.
  • If you've connected the disk via a USB hub, temporarily attach it directly to your Mac and test if that makes a difference.
  • Temporary check Force unmount to see if that makes a difference. This (unsafe) option (almost) immediately ejects disks, even when apps or macOS are still using it, which could result in data loss. When this resolves the issue, it's likely that an app or macOS is causing the issue. See this page to find out which app.
  • Use the Console app to see if any warnings or errors are popping up that might indicate why Ejectify isn't able to (un)mount the disk. Specifically, look for a message starting with Dissenter status, which includes the result of the (un)mount process.
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Ejectify for Mac

96 ratings
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